Trends in Building Cultures of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 2.0

Duration: 60 mins

Ever wonder what high-performing companies with forward progress in their DEI initiatives are doing that sets them apart?

In this on-demand webcast, we share the modern best practices companies are leveraging to move beyond mandatory DEI training to build outstanding employee experiences of real belonging and inclusion. CLO Claire Herring and DEIB Advisor and Speaker Karith Foster reveal how you can enable leaders to embrace the inclusive leadership behaviors essential to creating a standout high-performance organizational culture, and how to take advantage of continuous drip-method learning opportunities to engage everyone on an active journey to DEI. In this session you’ll:

  • Learn why empowering and supporting ongoing skills-building is the key ingredient to culture change.
  • See examples of how companies with healthy DEI cultures drive learning engagement to propel them forward in their DEI goals.
  • Explore Blue Ocean Brain’s award-winning content and platform to see how microlearning can be a catalyst for culture change.
  • Hear success stories from clients across multiple industries who are effectively reaching all employees with learning moments regardless of location or function.