What is a Microlearning Journey?

Microlearning lessons are short bursts of learning content designed to support the transfer of knowledge in the way our brains —and busy schedules—work best. The bitesized nature of microlearning allows us to tackle one new concept at a time, which improves engagement, retention, and application, and can be a powerful learning tool particularly for topics around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Why? Because the journey to DEI is long, nuanced, and at times uncomfortable. Breaking the journey up into consumable, achievable bites helps demystify the process and makes it possible for everyone to join the conversation—even those who are reluctant or new to the journey.

Well-crafted microlearning journeys weave bite-sized learning bursts into a pathway that guides learners through education, to awareness, and to action. Topics can be consumed one at a time, while the overall learning experience feels approachable and actionable.

So how can microlearning journeys help influence the talent lifecycle?

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Improving the Talent Lifecycle with Microlearning Journeys

Your people leaders are important participants in your talent lifecycle. Their decisions around recruiting and acquisition, onboarding, performance management, and succession planning directly impact your DEI efforts. They also heavily influence the employee experience and set the tone—for better or worse—for team culture. When bias is allowed to creep in to these processes and actions, the consequences are felt not only deeply by the individual employees, but company-wide

In order to infuse diversity and inclusion into their practices, your leaders must first become aware of their biases, understand their impacts, and learn how to interrupt them in their actions and behaviors. This doesn't happen overnight, and most leaders aren't ready to jump headfirst into the deep end.

A microlearning journey can guide your people leaders through that awareness-to-action experience, delivering high-impact learning moments that are relevant to their role. Helping you bring DEI best practices to the many decisions and processes that impact your workforce every day:

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Tackling Bias in the Talent Lifecycle

This sample Blue Ocean Brain microlearning journey illustrates how to guide your leaders through a learning pathway that will help them identify and remove bias in their behaviors and decision-making. Each ten-minute lesson is a step on the path, with actionable takeaways that leave leaders inspired and prepared to take action.


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At Blue Ocean Brain, we know how to reach and engage your people leaders with content that will inspire and inform positive action.

Leadership development is at the heart of what we do. With our in-depth library of over 5000 microlearning assets and more published each day, we can support your leaders with modern, ongoing content to keep the learning and conversations going. Our DEI leadership briefs, discussion guides, and live webcasts also provide actionable tips and takeaways to help them facilitate important dialogue with their teams. To help you drive true cultural change. Learn more at blueoceanbrain.com/leadership-development.
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