On-Demand Webcast: 5 Ways Microlearning Helps Elevate the Employee Experience

Duration: 50 minutes

The non-stop urgency of work seems to perpetually push learning into the backseat. But today's employee ranks professional development as crucial to the employee experience. So how can we inject learning into the flow of work? It's not a new question, but there are some exciting new answers.


In this on-demand webcast we share future-focused strategies to elevate your employee experience and power-up people performance using new methods of learning and engagement. Practical examples, success stories, and actionable steps will offer you a fresh approach to building a high-performance culture that your people value.


In this session you'll learn how to:

  • Break open the learning ecosystem for greater engagement and results.
  • Layer in microlearning to support learning journeys in areas your people crave like leadership development, mental health and well-being, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Avoid mistakes in designing learning pathways and accessibility.
  • Analyze, measure, and communicate the success of your microlearning strategy.