Learn how to harness the power of microlearning journeys to build inclusive, equitable people leaders.

From hiring to performance evaluations to succession planning, your people leaders have a direct and heavy influence on your diversity and inclusion efforts. We know that bias has no room in leadership decision-making, and yet most leaders naturally hold inherent biases that make it difficult to ensure equity and inclusion are guiding factors in each decision. In this eguide, we break down how microlearning journeys can be powerful tools for upskilling your people leaders around how to identify and mitigate bias in their talent lifecycle decisions. 

Download this eguide to learn:

  • the impact your people leaders have on your day-to-day and overarching diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
  • the benefits of microlearning in offering quick and easy learning moments that deliver big results.
  • what an effective, modern microlearning journey looks like for today's people leaders.