More than ever, healthcare staff do not have time to take half or full days for development training. Nor do leadership teams have time to create, prepare, and carry out traditional instruction. This harms the ability to foster strong people leaders, inhibits meeting DEI initiatives, and impacts how health service providers engage and retain staff.

WakeMed Health & Hospitals, a leading nonprofit health services provider serving central and eastern North Carolina, prioritizes investing in its people, facilities, and services. They reached out to Blue Ocean Brain to help them with specific leadership and staff development challenges.

Client Snapshot:

  • Over 12,000 employees
  • Operates 970+ beds over 4 campuses
  • Busy Level I trauma center, tertiary referral hospital, freestanding children's emergency department, and dedicated children’s hospital
  • One of the highest volume heart centers in the United States

Client Challenges

  • Leadership and staff were stretched thin–as most hospital staff around the country–leaving little time to cultivate leaders, teams, or individuals. WakeMed sought a way to supplement traditional leadership and professional development with easy-to-access, relevant, and bite-sized personal development options.
  • Their leadership was specifically requesting innovative ways to educate and develop both clinical and non-clinical staff in the unique environments that both operate in. With much of their workforce spending most of their time treating patients, it was difficult to reach everyone with learning opportunities.
  • The client wanted access to content that would resonate and highlight issues important to the medical facility holistically and the surrounding community such as diversity and inclusion, mental well-being, and resilience.
How Blue Ocean Brain solves the client's challenges:

Blue Ocean Brain Features

How We Deliver on Client Needs


Leadership Development

We give leaders an edge with highly accessible, ongoing learning that reflects today's challenges through online lesson modules, discussion guides, leadership briefs, and live webcasts.


Soft Skills Microlearning

We help clients capitalize on the tight schedules and attention spans of busy workers through:

  • Fresh daily or weekly soft skills microlearning for in-demand topics on:
    • Mental Health & Well-Being
    • Handling Change
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Growth Mindset
    • Productivity
    • Brain Health & Performance
    • And much more!
  • Powerful soft skills microlearning that inspires change and boosts performance
  • Interactive exercises grounded in the latest research to boost engagement, inclusion, and well-being


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

We provide expert-developed DEI learning to reflect client organizational culture and skills gaps through content that guides employees to take positive, lasting action.

Results with Blue Ocean Brain

The most significant result for WakeMed has been that their leadership can swiftly access material they trust to help develop their staff on an ongoing basis throughout busy work days and weeks. Since launch, they have had 86% engagement, with 4,259 lessons viewed, and 5,272 games played.

Clinical Staff Development

With clinical staff, this often occurs in huddles on the unit floor, where leadership can utilize the Blue Ocean Brain Leadership Briefs to guide their team in learning moments on topics such as unconscious bias to facilitate important conversations and growth.

Support Staff Development

With non-clinical staff, this typically occurs in more structured meetings in conference rooms where employees review short videos covering subjects such as Inclusion & Diversity and Communication and discuss them as a group.

All Leadership Development

The WakeMed Organizational Development department has utilized BOB resources during management workshops to demonstrate how leaders can facilitate meaningful conversations with their teams. Specifically, Organizational Development tailored the educational offerings to align with the celebration and recognition of Diversity & Inclusion month at WakeMed. Overall, the level of engagement has surpassed expectations. As a result, their Foundation, WakeMed's philanthropic partner that oversees supporting the health and well-being of their community, approved additional financial support for 2023.

On-Demand Learning

Blue Ocean Brain's expert-developed, off-the-shelf learning is now heavily relied on by WakeMed's leaders to help them lead quality discussions and learning moments with their teams on a variety of subjects. BOB's wide variety of soft skills content is topical, engaging, and important thought leadership material that leaders can rely on to help develop staff in hectic environments. This content helps leaders to make progress on their overall growth objectives, such as DEI, that benefits workers, the medical facility, and patients.

We believe companies can achieve amazing success when their people have opportunities to learn and grow daily. That's why we are dedicated to designing and delivering the best possible microlearning experiences—every single day.

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