Dayforce (formerly known as Ceridian), a global leader in human capital management technology, is committed to supporting their people through a company-wide priority to cultivate an inclusive workplace that encourages equity, employee wellness, and professional growth. Such lofty objectives require purposeful tactics and a wealth of support, and their partnership with Blue Ocean Brain helps them reach their quarterly DEI targets.

Client Snapshot:

  • 8,500+ employees
  • Over 5,000 customers worldwide
  • A dedicated School of DEI inside their Dayforce University training platform
  • A Global Diversity Advisory Council that guides their DEI path

Client Challenges

Dayforce earnestly believes the DEI journey is essential for the growth and health of organizations and individuals. They identified key areas where they needed assistance as part of their investment in these ambitious goals.

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion learning that fit into the flow of work and opened up a place for conversations around DEI topics
  • Ongoing training through lessons that aligned with their learning journey to continually guide employees in a shared experience around their culture and goals
  • Lessons around mental health and well-being to holistically support the learner
How Blue Ocean Brain solves the client's challenges:

Blue Ocean Brain Features

How We Deliver on Client Needs


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Blue Ocean Brain provides expert-developed DEI learning that reflects the modern workplace and supports client organizational culture and skills gaps through ongoing content that guides employees to take positive, lasting action.



Blue Ocean Brain drips out 10-minute essential soft skills topics over time, leveraging the science of how people learn best. Fresh, modern lessons published daily include articles, videos, knowledge checks, and actionable takeaways. Our team will help you select and deliver the content you need in a way that doesn't overwhelm your people while providing on-demand learning through our Netflix-style library of over 1,500 lessons.


SCORM & iFrame Delivery

Our team helps you liven up your learning ecosystem through expert-developed lesson collections that can be loaded into your LMS/LXP via SCORM-wrapped bundles. Or, relieve the burden of putting fresh learning into your intranet page by setting up a direct feed of content and games that refreshes regularly to keep learners coming back.


Engagement Tactics

Make the most of your enterprise's digital collaboration and communications channels. Make learning easily accessible and help your people feel connected and engaged by automatically deploying learning content directly through Slack and Microsoft Teams.


Educational Webcasts

Help your learners feel connected wherever they are. Fast-paced and interactive, our live 60-minute virtual webcasts are delivered and moderated by the BOB team and can include your senior leadership. Topics include psychological safety, building a growth mindset, unconscious bias, and more.

Results with Blue Ocean Brain

Dayforce has seen a 70% engagement rate across all 8,500 employees since launching the full Blue Ocean Brain curriculum in October 2021. Since then, Dayforce employees have:

  • Completed over 32,000 lessons
  • Viewed over 91,000 articles
  • Interacted with over 57,000 brain exercises

As their Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Donnebra McClendon, explains:

Donnebra McClendon

"We’ve embedded DEI into our employee development, talent attraction, retention, and promotion programs through required quarterly DEI training and bi-weekly micro-DEI lessons to all employees. Our amazing partners at Blue Ocean Brain help us build DEI into our company’s DNA."

-Donnebra McClendon

Blue Ocean Brain does the heavy lifting by providing a steady flow of relevant content every business day that users can quickly engage with, pull actionable learning from, and move on to their working day where they can apply their new knowledge. Dayforce now has full access to:

  • Award-winning library of 1,000+ microlessons in 13 categories
  • 300+ microlessons on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Content developed in-house and authored by diverse voices
Following a short initial rollout and integration into Dayforce's University LMS, their teams reported that the short lessons and platform are easy to use and help them stay on track with their company's DEI initiatives.

We believe companies can achieve amazing success when their people have opportunities to learn and grow daily. That's why we are dedicated to designing and delivering the best possible microlearning experiences—every single day.

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