Less DEIB Training, More Inclusive Learning

On-Demand Webcast in partnership with RedThread Research

What can L&D functions do to truly drive DEIB efforts in their organizations?

The team at RedThread Research spent months diving into this question and shared some important findings in this lively and eye-opening webinar. (Spoiler alert! The findings are about how to make employee development itself—the systems and processes of how people learn—more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.)

Watch the on-demand webcast to see Dani Johnson and Heather Gilmartin Adams from RedThread, and Claire Herring, Chief Learning Officer at Blue Ocean Brain discuss the biggest insights, highlight the best stories they heard during data collection, and chat about practical implications for L&D functions working on DEIB.

If you're looking for ways to increase inclusive and equitable access to learning and development opportunities at your organization, this webcast is a must-watch!