Remote Team Success Webcasts

During this unprecedented time of change, companies are being forced to quickly pivot to remote work and collaboration, making connecting and growing your teams more critical, and more difficult, than ever before. To help you navigate the challenges ahead, we are offering two new webcasts loaded with actionable strategies to help your people stay happy, healthy and productive in their new reality.

These webcasts can be delivered either as a recording for on-demand learning, or as a live, interactive session designed specifically for your organization.

Our webcast offerings include:

Becoming a Pro at Working Remotely

Take a fresh look at designing your workday as you transition to working from home. We’ll cover:

  • Strategies for organizing your time and collaborating effectively with your remote co-workers.
  • Practical tips to avoid feeling isolated, stay informed, and manage stress.
  • How to reframe and recharge your thinking to be ready to tackle your day, even in workout wear!

Live or on-demand webcast for the Individual Contributor | 20 minutes | All Levels

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Leading High-Performance Remote Teams

The coronavirus pandemic is projected to fundamentally alter how many organizations operate for the near future. At a time of global social distancing, remote work is suddenly our new reality. In this session. we’ll offer practical guidance on how to:

  • Work productively at home including leading virtual team meetings.
  • Make the most of your newly distributed workforce.
  • Build an engaged and successful remote work culture.

Live or on-demand webcast for Managers and Leaders | 20 minutes | Intermediate