Interrupting Racism in the Workplace

A Virtual Learning Series to Inspire Positive Action

Racism is a heavy burden for many in this country, and the reality is our workplaces are a common stage for scenes of discrimination to play out. From microaggressions to biased decision-making to outright bigotry, every workplace has employees impacted by racism.

Blue Ocean Brain has developed a special learning series, Interrupting Racism in the Workplace, to help your employees expand their thinking and actively participate in building an inclusive and equitable culture.

This series delivers approachable, actionable learning around anti-racism, unconscious bias, authentic allyship and more, and includes:

  • An interactive live webcast tailored for your people
  • Bite-sized lessons to deliver ongoing learning opportunities
  • An employee discussion guide to facilitate team conversations

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A 3-part Series to Drive Lasting Change

Guide employees on a journey of education, self-reflection, and action. This special learning series includes:



Interactive Live Webcast

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Connect with your people through a thought-provoking webcast tailored for your employees and workplace culture. Designed and moderated by Diversity & Inclusion experts, our webcasts offer powerful, actionable strategies for change. Your leaders can participate as panelists to provide added connectedness and relevance. 

Bite-sized Learning Lessons

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Follow-up the webcast with specially curated microlearning lessons on unconscious bias, racial and cultural competence, empathy, allyship and more. These 10-minute lessons can be delivered to your people via email or text, easily plugged in to your existing LMS/LXP or intranet, or accessed via the Blue Ocean Brain user experience.

Employee Discussion Guide

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Help empower a growth mindset and fuel conversations among your people that drive lasting change. Our employee-centered discussion guide, What Can I Do About Racism?, provides actionable tips for how to recognize and confront biases and become an authentic ally in the workplace.

"Micro" Learning That Leads to Big Changes

Deliver ongoing learning opportunities around important topics to spark individual growth and culture transformation.


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Unconscious Bias

Help your people recognize and mitigate their ingrained biases and understand their impact in the work environment.
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Allyship & Empathy

Build a culture that values empathy and empowers employees to be authentic allies.
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Growth Mindset

Help employees build adaptability skills, develop their open-mindedness, and embrace change.
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Inclusion & Belonging

Develop and reinforce behaviors and decisions that build a culture of true inclusion for everyone.



Powerful Content, Made Relatable

Grounded in research and developed by a team of authentic expert voices, our bite-sized lessons makes the learning experience approachable and inspiring. Here are just a few of our 10-minute learning experiences:

"This learning event was extremely valuable and presented us with so many key takeaways for creating an unbiased workplace. I am really glad that I enrolled!"

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"Outstanding. The Blind Spots webcast on unconscious bias was incredible."



"This was an eye opening, thought-provoking webinar! I look forward to making myself more aware of my biases and judgments."


Flexible Delivery Options

You can easily plug Blue Ocean Brain content into your LMS, LXP, intranet, or Slack/Yammer feeds to help your people "bump into" the content they need. Or, utilize our full UX to deliver a brand new modern learning experience.

Custom Curated Learning

The road to true inclusion is not one-size-fits-all. With our extensive library of modern, engaging I&D content, you can guide your people on a learning journey designed specifically for your people, culture, and goals.


Unsurpassed Client Support

Let us do the heavy lifting. We can have you up and running with this learning series within weeks, and our client success team will support you the entire way. Whether you're a team of one or many, we've got you covered.