Powerful learning designed to inspire change in the workplace.

The path to building an inclusive, equitable workplace is complex and requires ongoing conversations and learning opportunities. Breaking it down into consumable, engaging bites helps demystify the process and makes it possible for everyone to join the conversation.

Our expert-developed microlearning journeys help you reach everyone with engaging DEI learning plugged seamlessly into your existing learning ecosystem. Download this sample learning journey to see a modern curriculum that drips out weekly lessons around:

  • How to identify and mitigate unconscious bias in decision making.
  • Racial and cultural equity in the workplace.
  • The power of empathy, allyship, and belonging.
  • Collaborating across cultures and generations.
  • How leaders can build inclusion and psychological safety.
  • Understanding intersectionality, neurodiversity, and more.

See why companies all over the globe partner with Blue Ocean Brain to achieve their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals.

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