Making the systems and processes of employee development more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

How can companies drive true culture change through DEIB learning if the learning itself isn't accessible and representative for all?

We partnered with RedThread to dive into the role Learning and Development teams can play in the journey to building inclusive, equitable workplaces. An extensive data gathering and interview process gave us some remarkable insights, including:

  • 81% of employees in high-performing organizations reported
    their organizations are transparent about development
    opportunities, compared to 61% of employees
    in other organizations.
  • Many respondents agreed that legacy systems, processes, and assumptions can make access to learning inequitable.
  • The number of respondents who reported that L&D shares responsibility for DEIB efforts increased by 15% since 2021.

It's clear L&D's DEIB commitments are growing, but there's still a huge opportunity to improve DEIB by making employee development more inclusive and equitable - and this report is chock full of ideas on how to make that happen!

Download your report today to learn what high-performing organizations are doing differently from their peers to make learning more equitable. 

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