How Well Do You Know BOB?

A Blue Ocean Brain Scavenger Hunt

Want to explore the BOB platform and dive into more great content? This scavenger hunt will take you on a journey through the Blue Ocean Brain site and library. Have fun and enjoy!

*This exercise is available to clients with full BOB Library access. Don't have the Library? Contact your CSM to learn more!

  1. True or False: In the article “The Value in Adding Expectations”, when giving feedback, you can often go through all the steps at once, including giving specific actions to help improve their performance.
  2. In the article, “Video: Four Tips for Managing a Difficult Conversation”, according to the video, a study conducted by the Harvard Business School found that what percentage of managers felt uncomfortable talking with their team members?
    1. 67%
    2. 50%
    3. 33%
    4. 75%
  3. From the article, “Playing Detective”, asking a lot of questions, helps _________.
    1. the manager figure out what to do to help the team member
    2. the team member engage in the process
    3. the manager rank the team members
    4. none of the above
  4. In the article, “How FAST Can You Go?”, based on the text, FAST goals are:
    1. flexible, attainable, smart, and timely
    2. frequently discussed, ambitious, specific, and transparent
    3. flexible, accurate, sensible, and time-oriented
    4. frequently discussed, adaptable, serious, and tough
  5. True or False: In the article, “Aim High!”, most people feel more positive about pursuing larger improvement goals than smaller goals that are easier.
  6. True or False: In the article, “The Danger of High Expectations”, leaders with high expectations of their employees often tend to have high expectations of themselves.
  7. True or False: In the article, “Never Let Them See You Sweat”, feedback should always be responded to immediately.


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