Becoming a Feedback Pro

Help Your Teams Get Good at Giving and Receiving Feedback Right Now

Feedback is an essential key to building high-performing teams. But few people are naturally good at it. For a feedback session to really work, both the giver and receiver need to show diplomacy, empathy, psychological safety, and self-awarenesscomplex skills that don't come easily for everyone.

To help your leaders and their teams master the art of feedback, Blue Ocean Brain has developed a special series that delivers multi-modal learning using a three-pronged approach:

  • Expert-developed microlearning curriculum designed to boost feedback skills for both sides of the conversation
  • Interactive live webcasts that deliver actionable strategies to make feedback sessions more impactful
  • Leadership discussion guide to help your leaders prepare for and execute winning feedback sessions with their people

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Leverage multiple learning tools to help your people level-up their feedback game.

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24-Lesson Microlearning Curriculum

Upskill your employees around feedback, communication, building trust, and more with modern and bite-sized learning that inspires self-reflection and growth. Lessons are dripped out weekly to provide learning in the way our brains (and schedules) work best.


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Live, Interactive Webcasts

Reach everyone with our webcasts, Getting Good at Giving Feedback and Getting Better at Receiving Feedback, moderated by Blue Ocean Brain and tailored for your company. Webcast recordings provided for future on-demand learning.


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Discussion Guide for Leaders

Our Leadership Guide to Winning at Feedback provides actionable takeaways for how to deliver productive and personalized feedback, as well as discussion starters and quick tips to help leaders build a feedback culture on their teams.


High-Impact Learning, Low-Impact Implementation


Our microlearning lessons are designed to seamlessly plug into your existing learning ecosystem, or you can utilize the Blue Ocean Brain platform to deliver a brand-new modern learning experience. Either way, it's quick and easy. So you can begin delivering engaging, interactive lessons such as these in a matter of weeks: 

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"At work, I give feedback and evaluate other people’s work. Blue Ocean Brain includes a variety of topics related to giving feedback, listening, coaching, etc. It has really helped me shape the kind of leader I am."
"One of the better webcasts I have attended. Strong, tactical content of things you can do and change, and interactive speakers who were knowledgeable, engaging and natural."
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